MIMESIS Is Here! (Well, the cover is)

MIMESIS Is Here! (Well, the cover is)

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It will also be available in print by release day! Watch this space for more!

Hello and welcome from this recently quiet writer's desk! It's been a bit, but I have some very exciting news: At long last, my second novel, Mimesis is about to land at booksellers near you!

That's right, friends! It's finally happening, and it's going to be available on Tuesday, September 21! I don't have a link yet to preorder, but I will soon, so expect updates then.

In the meantime, I do have something special: An all new, all exciting, all EXCLUSIVE (I mean, it's my blog, so) cover reveal! Let's see it, shall we?

The book cover for MIMESIS. Two girls underwater, one being dragged backwards by monstrous hands, the other trying to hold on as she's pulled away.
Art by Kring Demetrio

How lovely is that? Amazing, right? This beautiful work is by Kring Demetrio, and I couldn't be happier. It's a beautiful rendering of the main characters of Mimesis, Samantha and Danica, one that drags me back into their world every time I see it.

What's that, you ask? What is Mimesis about? Well, friends, I can tell you that, too! Mimesis is a young adult horror novel, and... well, let's hand it over to the back cover copy.

How long can love survive in secret? Samantha and Danica have done everything to hide their relationship from their parents and classmates, and the strain is unbearable. But getting caught could be the least of their problems. Their deception has drawn the attention of a danger greater than either could imagine: the Rusalka. Creatures bound by pain and magic to play out a timeless tragedy again and again. Are Samantha and Danica fated to be the latest actors in this doomed romance, or can they create a story of their own before it’s too late?

I'm really proud of this novel. Writing it dug into parts of me I was still, and am still, figuring out, and it stretched me into a scarier and darker place than anything I'd written before.

I can't wait to share it with all of you. See you in September!

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